Collaboration is key.
Meet the team.

Who are we?

We are passionate people dedicated to identifying and addressing real-world challenges in children’s health
Dr Neil Patel
Clinical Director
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Neil is a consultant neonatologist at the Royal Hospital for Children. Over the last ten years he has loved building and leading award-winning collaborations with patients, families, industry, academic and third sector partners, co-developing solutions with global impact.
Susie Fraser
Business Consultant
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Susie is an award-winning mentor and business leader who has delivered business transformation and growth for many years. A long-term champion of RHC and GCHC, she specialises in building robust commercial and brand strategies that deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders.
Sophie Bagnall
Industry Collaboration Project Manager
Samara Croft
Executive Assistant
Craig Bell
Industry Collaboration Project Manager
David McClelland
Evelyn Walker
Graham McKnight
Sameer Zuberi

Children across Scotland

We work with the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, which raises money to ensure that the babies, children, and young people treated at the Royal Hospital for Children receive the best care.

Let's make a difference

Together, we can transform the lives of children and leave a lasting, positive impact on society.

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