Hospital in my hand

The Royal Hospital for Children’s has more than 180,000 clinical interactions each year, and more than 70,000 patients attending our site across 27 specialties and departments. Our busy clinical teams need faster access to patient information to allow more rapid decision-making for the best possible care.

This challenge is to develop a technology solution that will give our clinical teams quick, easy access to existing clinical information systems, guidelines, and training tools. Furthermore, access to patient communication aids in their hand and at the bedside. It sounds easy, but there are hardware and software components to the challenge and we need partners who really understand the important of robust systems, platforms, and easy integration.

Why is this important?

Quicker diagnosis and access to information gives our clinical team more time to talk and interact with the patients and more time for treatment and care. We also believe that the same challenges may well be relevant across 84 children’s hospitals in the UK, and for adult inpatient services too.

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