Babies' Healthcare with Heart

Help us develop revolutionary technology for babies with major heart conditions to enable them to be safely monitored at home

More than 6,000 babies are born in the UK each year with major heart defects, also called congenital heart disease (CHD). Sadly, CHD It is also the leading cause of infant death, ranking 6th globally.

Many children with CHD can benefit from heart surgery in the first year of life. In the weeks and months before their life saving operation they can be cared for at home, but only with very close and careful monitoring, particularly when it comes to feeding, weight gain, and oxygen levels.

We need a digital solution that will reduce the time and stress of home monitoring for families, keep children at home, and allow early recognition of a change in their condition. It will also improve communication and connection with the specialist cardiac team, make their work more efficient, giving them more time to focus on looking after children and their families.

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