vCreate Neuro

Transformative, remote digital care empowering patients.

Diagnosing and treating neurological conditions can be very challenging. Sometimes patients cannot be observed in their own environment or during episodes such as seizures.

So how could we develop a way of monitoring our patients more effectively to allow for quicker diagnosis and treatment?

Professor Sameer Zuberi at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow and his team took on this challenge. They worked with partners to co-develop vCreate Neuro, a secure digital neurology service enabling patients and carers to share clinical information and videos from their smartphone with their care teams for triage, diagnosis, and ongoing management.

Piloted nationally in 2020, in conjunction with the Scottish Government and Digital Health and Care Scottish Government, vCreate Neuro is now used in more than 100 paediatric and adult NHS services across the UK and globally. including low- and middle-income settings.

The service delivers transformative, remote digital care empowering 20,000 patients, including people with epilepsy, neurodevelopmental conditions, and movement disorders.

National evaluation demonstrated an improved patient experience, speed and accuracy of diagnosis, reduced waiting times and associated cost savings of up to £675 ($820 USD) per patient interaction, as well substantial CO 2 savings.

Project Clinical Lead: Professor Sameer Zuberi

Partners: vCreate, Microsoft, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, West of Scotland
Innovation Hub, Epilepsy Research UK, Digital Health and Care Scottish Government,
International League Against Epilepsy

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vCreate Neuro on the BBC - YouTube

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