Paediatric Advanced Respiratory Service (PARS)

Detecting and monitoring respiratory problems in children and new-borns can be challenging. Existing in-hospital devices are invasive and poorly tolerated by children.


Dr Ross Langley, Paediatric Respiratory Consultant is working with industry partner Pneumowave to develop a novel respiratory monitoring platform, tailored specifically for children. Combining wireless wearable biosensors, mobile 'App'-based software and AI the cost-effective platform is designed for use at home, and in the hospital, for real-time analysis of respiratory physiological data.


Current proof-of-concept studies funded by UKRI will support future product validation in pivotal clinical studies.


The device has worldwide potential to improve remote monitoring and diagnostic accuracy including in sleep disordered breathing, paediatric respiratory disease, and acute neonatal compromise, improving patient outcomes and experience, and adding value and capacity to clinical services.


Project Clinical Lead: Dr Ross Langley

Partners: Pneumowave Ltd, West of Scotland Innovation Hub, UKRI.

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