Neonatal Video Diaries: 800,000 special moments and growing…

Families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, asked us to help keep them connected to their baby when they couldn’t be physically present

Video Diaries was the solution our neonatal team co-developed with parents, industry partner vCreate, and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

This secure cloud service, hosted on Microsoft Azure, enables clinical teams to share short care videos and photographs with patient families.

It is now used in 80% of UK Neonatal Units and 120 centres globally.

More than 800,000 special moments have been shared with 80,000 families already using Video Diaries. The service has become a key technology supporting family integrated neonatal care globally.

Multi-centre evaluation demonstrated many important benefits from this service including reduced parental stress, improved maternal sleep and breast milk expression, and new connections between families and staff.

Effective outcomes born from parental need and collaboration.

Project Clinical Lead: Dr Neil Patel and HUG team at RHC
Partners: vCreate, Microsoft, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, West of Scotland
Innovation Hub.

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vCreate Video Diaries on Sky News - YouTube

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