Life-saving Support For Babies Across the World

Lifesaving support for babies globally.

Keeping premature and sick new-born babies warm and close to their families is key to survival as well as optimising longer-term health and development.

However, this can be challenging especially for babies born outside maternity hospitals or in lower-resource settings.

The team at mOm, supported by the team at Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow including Dr Helen McDevitt and Dr Neil Patel, took on this challenge. mOm developed a revolutionary compact, lightweight incubator for every baby. The RCH team provided expert clinical support during early prototyping and device development. Also, through the funding stages and during clinical trial evaluation of the final design and service evaluation pilots in new settings to keep babies and families together outside traditional neonatal intensive care.

mOm Essential Incubators are now providing life-saving support for babies globally.

Project Clinical Lead: Dr Helen McDevitt, Dr Neil Patel and Dr Polly Kenyon
Partners: mOm, West of Scotland Innovation Hub.

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mOm Essential Incubator on the BBC - YouTube

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