Augmented Reality Patient Information

Children and families can find it hard to take in complex information about their conditions and procedures, especially if literacy is limited.


Professor Steven Lo, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, working in collaboration with The Glasgow School of Art School of Simulation and Visualisation, has developed augmented reality information leaflets which come alive with videos and 3Dmodels using a smartphone, just like the newspapers in Harry Potter films. Patients and families can interact with these to gain a much clearer understanding of their condition and treatment.


AR leaflets were first developed for patient families undergoing cleft lip and palate repair, with support from Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. Following successfully evaluation in randomised controlled trials the technology is being scaled for new patient groups including cancer surgery patients throughout the UK.


Project Clinical Lead: Professor Steven Lo

Partners: School of Art School of Simulation and Visualisation, The Glasgow School of Art, Medical Extended Reality Research Centre, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, Beatson Cancer Charity, West of Scotland Innovation Hub.

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